Who is Garry Turner?

Hi, my name is Garry Turner and I thank you for having a look around my website.

With over 20 years of international sales, business development and relationship-building experience combined with a deep understanding of people, team and culture dynamics, I serve individuals, teams and leaders as an Interpersonal Catalyst.

I believe that everybody has the right to thrive, the right to be heard and the right to be seen, no matter how divergent or different to our own views that may be.

In fact, not only tolerating but embracing that difference that every single one of us brings is the gap in work and society at large that I am looking to fill with my range of services, all of which can be found under the SERVICES tab.

Today marks two years since I created the Value through Vulnerability podcast, a podcast that has had ‘at least’ one episode released per week, every week, since its inception.

Little did I know back in May 2018 that this podcast was going to be a major platform and energy source for me and for what was going to emerge over the next two years.

In February 2018, I paid for personal coaching for the first time during which I learned that I had been suppressing emotion for over 20 years after being bullied as a kid aged 12/13, self-harming at university, getting very heavily into the dance scene and burning myself at the age of 39. None of this was anybody’s fault, I came from a loving family, had a grateful life, yet I was stuck in my head. I just didn’t have the emotional maturity until recently to realise what was going on, or how to manage the situation.  I have spoken about my experiences on a number of podcasts over the past 18 months.

Fast-forward to today and I have been on an incredible journey of self-discovery over the past two and a bit years, including:

  • Dealing with my fears at that time head-on with WorldBlu.
  • Understanding that our human experience is made up of mind, consciousness and thought after learning about the three principles and seeing my burnout for what it was; my overthinking!
  • Putting on my own online summit called Have Courage in early 2019 with 22 renowned speakers including Whitney Johnson, Kimberly Davis, Peter Bregman, David Burkus, Kenny Marmerella D’ Cruz, Debra Ruh, Richard Gerver and many more.
  • Meeting Mike Vacanti, founder of the HumansFirst movement in early 2019 and developing a deeply meaningful friendship and now partnership as a key catalyst for expansion of that movement in the EMEA region.
  • Paying for 1-1 coaching with ex Apple executive Nilofer Merchant as I clarified my ‘Onlyness.’ That spot in the world that only I stand, to be that of an Interpersonal Catalyst.
  • I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in February 2020 and had surgery shortly after in March 2020, after which I am now in recovery.
  • Most recently I have started as an advisor to a new tech start-up called Aequip, who are on a mission to help ensure that we give all employees a voice and reduce the risk of bullying and harassment in the workplace, a vision that I am deeply values and purpose aligned with.

All of the above has been achieved alongside my day job as an international product manager looking after €20m of business for a €3bn global corporation.

I share this as I want you to realise, which took me six years and a lot of financial and emotional investment to understand, that the only thing standing between who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow is your thinking and the stories that you are telling yourself.

That said, I appreciate they are not small ‘only’s,’ the journey is not always obvious and sometimes it is helpful to have a guide as I am finding with my coaching and corporate clients alike.

To aid individuals that may be keen to walk a different path I am in the process of writing my first book, Change Is An Inside Job, which I hope will allow you to see yourself in the shared lived experience of over 30 open-hearted, high-growth individuals.

As the two year anniversary of my podcast passes, I am here to serve you, your team and your leaders with 1-1- thinking partnerships and coaching, people-centred workshops and organisational design (virtual and in-person), keynote talks (virtually and in-person) and with live events in conjunction with HumansFirst founder Mike Vacanti.

NOW is the time to step into our and YOUR humanity.  Our new world requires an intentional mix of individual activism and collective action grounded in heart as much as head.  This will take us to be courageous, it will take vulnerability, but it is also very exciting.

Let’s walk this journey together and do get in touch if you would like to explore anything that piques your interest from this website.

My personal journey has been so much easier to navigate alongside the love of my life and now wife Jackie, as below.  I am forever grateful to her for her positivity and the richness of life that she brings.