Pt13 – Now the hard work starts …..or does it?

The book title may also change!..... #iteration Firstly I want to put a HUGE public thank you out into the ether for my 33 primary research contributors to the book and a BIG thank you to all of you that are still here following this book evolution. I have hyperlinked the names of all research … Continue reading Pt13 – Now the hard work starts …..or does it?

Episode 79 – Olga Piehler.

Director, Programme Manager and Founder of MyWy. I absolutely loved this conversation with Olga who blends a wonderful mix of deep experience in neuroscience and a deep passion for developing love-based cultures. Olga offers a wonderful description of vulnerability, we go deep into emotion, fear, self-awareness, mindset, loyalty, purpose and just so much more.  I … Continue reading Episode 79 – Olga Piehler.