Pt13 – Now the hard work starts …..or does it?

The book title may also change!..... #iteration Firstly I want to put a HUGE public thank you out into the ether for my 33 primary research contributors to the book and a BIG thank you to all of you that are still here following this book evolution. I have hyperlinked the names of all research … Continue reading Pt13 – Now the hard work starts …..or does it?

Episode 69 – Jo Menon.

Founder Menon Associates. I really enjoyed talking to Jo Menon who delivers large scale, global technology projects with a grace and presence that is honestly, incredible. Jo talks candidly about some scary personal life situations that were the catalyst for her shifting her approach to work and life.  We discuss mental health, vulnerability, courage, leadership, … Continue reading Episode 69 – Jo Menon.