Pt13 – Now the hard work starts …..or does it?

The book title may also change!..... #iteration Firstly I want to put a HUGE public thank you out into the ether for my 33 primary research contributors to the book and a BIG thank you to all of you that are still here following this book evolution. I have hyperlinked the names of all research … Continue reading Pt13 – Now the hard work starts …..or does it?

Episode 106 – Hilton Barbour.

Marketing Provocateur & Mark Edgar, founder of Goat Rodeo project. The weekly #HumansFirst open and inclusive calls can all be found here ->  In addition, you can also find the online rally that is taking place and the 2-day retreat in the UK at th same link ->  ‚ÄúThis experience will create more … Continue reading Episode 106 – Hilton Barbour.