Strategic Advisor – Commercial + People/Culture

  • Are you an executive leader or senior leader that could benefit from a confidential aide and thinking partner?
  • What opportunities could exist to utilise a strategic advisor to better connect and align your senior leadership team from a 3rd party view?
  • How many people within your organisation bring a blend of deep commercial expertise with evidenced people and culture impact?


As a strategic advisor that crosses both commercial & people/culture, I can support you by:

  • Connecting your commercial and people/culture development objectives seamlessly
  • Serving as a confidential sounding board for senior leaders within your business, helping them think through the implications of their decisions and guiding them when necessary based on a holistic, cross-functional understanding of your business
  • Advising on progressive people/culture topics as you deem them of interest
  • Playing a strong role in strategy development/support across the commercial and people/culture agendas for your country, business unit or division
  • Offering a wide and diverse perspective through being an active people & culture practitioner both within and outside of the organsiation, thereby offering you the benefit of the most up to date insight and practices
  • Facilitating and cross-fertilising learning and knowledge-sharing with regards key areas of agreed focus, across business groups and business areas
  • Effectively facilitate, as required, senior leadership meetings
  • Supporting the thinking and facilitation of any meeting as you deem fit, through bringing both deeply commercial + people/culture lenses
  • In case helpful, we can draw at any time on any element of the below P³ EcoSystem