Do your people always feel safe to speak up and offer their insights and observations?

Before the pandemic hit, I led a team effectiveness workshop with an international cross functional team of 29 people who over the period of just 6 hours over two days, hacked 502 data points and co-created over 40 ideas how they could be and collaborate more effectively.

Of those 40 ideas around 10 of them were implemented within 7 days post event. 

So often there are simple process changes or ideas that team members have, those that have the best information to drive incremental improvements, but who do not always feel safe to speak up and offer their insights.

These workshops which can be delivered in-person or virtually, are intentionally designed to support safe co-creation and innovation across borders, both physical and cultural.

On another occasion, I led a workshop for the Strategic HR Taskforce which was a mix of senior HR leaders from across a variety of industries as below:

It is not always easy to measure fully the qualitative factors of our personal and work lives, however the following is a good example of an effective collaboration workshop that I facilitated around the topic of wellbeing with IMCD India in Dec 2018.

I truly believe that NOW is the time to invest in our humanity both personally and professionally.

We have only life.

We do not need balance between work and life.

Who do you want to be the in the future?

How do you want your organsiation to look and feel in the future?

I would love to have an exploratory conversation with you see if I can support you getting to your desired outcome, whatever that looks like for you.

With love and kindness


I love to catalyse human connection for the betterment of all with one recent example being working with the Italian senior leadership team of a multi-national corporation which was a mix of future of talk and team effectiveness workshop.

I have experience in delivering these workshops both virtually and in person.