WHY IT’S SO POWERFUL, WHEN TO USE IT, AND HOW. Welcome to this week's, "_____" word, conversation where we'll be discussing a word that matters most to us. This week's conversation features Garry Turner. International sales & product management professional with a deep-seated passion for driving optimum results through & not in spite of people. … Continue reading THE “C” WORD:

Awakening to Life’s Purpose.

Getting Unstuck - Educators Leading Change Many of us have experienced that nagging feeling that “There has to more to life than this.” But, what do we do about it? Some of us do nothing other than listen to our inner critic about our shortcomings. Garry Turner took a different approach. He decided that … Continue reading Awakening to Life’s Purpose.

TNT ESQ: Episode 11 with Garry Turner.

VULNERABILITY IS STRENGTH. Our guest is Garry Turner. Garry is creator of The Listening Organization, a human-centered people consultancy, host of the Value through Vulnerability podcast, and is driven by his personal purpose of helping create & facilitate the safe spaces that help unleash human potential. Garry has been obsessed and intentional on his … Continue reading TNT ESQ: Episode 11 with Garry Turner.

How to be vulnerable in the workplace with Garry Turner. If you had to write your own obituary what would it say? Did your life take the path you wanted it to take? Garry Turner from the Listening Organisation teaches big business to grow by harnessing the brilliance of the people that work for it.  In this Podcast he suggests some mind-blowing ideas to … Continue reading How to be vulnerable in the workplace with Garry Turner.

Awakening to Purpose.

Meaning and Connection with Garry Turner. Garry Turner is this week’s guest on the Higher Purpose Podcast. He is the host of the Value Through Vulnerability podcast and was a guest on Episode 90 of this show. Kevin describes him as a great connector of people. They discuss his awakening, how his life is … Continue reading Awakening to Purpose.

Awakening | Garry Turner

The Overcoming Odds Podcast This week's conversation features Garry Turner, a game-changing thinker who develops strategies as to how to bring that thinking to life and implementation of the resulting solution. This has been evidenced throughout my career and more recently by leading, with support, human-centered projects such an in-house L&D project 'by the … Continue reading Awakening | Garry Turner

The Journey From Reactivity To Awakened Humans.

Ruh Global Communications. Garry Turner joins the program to discuss his journey of being bullied when he was younger, and how that helped him develop more empathy for himself and others. He reveals the power of vulnerability and explores what it means to be truly human.   This episode was recorded live on Facebook, captioned … Continue reading The Journey From Reactivity To Awakened Humans.

Dramatic Shifts.

Dramatic Shifts in Productivity, Mental Wellbeing & Purpose from Just 3 Days....An interview. Dramatic Shifts in Productivity, Mental Well-being & Purpose from Just 3 Days....An interview This podcast series explores a game-changing understanding of the human mind that can increase the performance, resourcefulness and well-being in any business or organisation.   In this episode Piers … Continue reading Dramatic Shifts.

Courage and vulnerability.

Perfect Imbalance Podcast On this episode I share my interview with Garry Turner, Founder of the Listening Organisation  and the newly created 'Wellbeingchat' community, focused on courage and vulnerability. On work-life balance Garry says; Until about 18 months ago I would have believed that it was statement. I'm finding progressively that we try and … Continue reading Courage and vulnerability.