Episode 135 – Julie Turney, People Champion

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“I wanna be the opposite of those people that I’ve encountered who have caused me pain at some point in my life – 05.10

“What I have to offer people is bigger than restricting myself to one company, and working for that company for the rest pf my life, and knowing that every single person that I touch, no matter where I am, no matter who they are, that I have something valuable to offer that is going to change someone’s life” – 05.20

“I’ve developed a saying recently which is ‘I am not for everyone, and everyone is not for me, and that is ok” – 08.20

“There is a point where you have to say ‘let it go’ in order to be able to give and in order be your best self.” – 13.35

“What would happen if I did rock the boat? What would happen if I said this isn’t right and I give my reasons, and they make sense?” – 18.40

“Everything is a day by day basis. If you do it one day at a time at least you are biting of what you can chew in that moment – 21.40


Julie Turney is the HR Manager at Hyuna International Ltd. An e-commerce firm based in Barbados. Her relationship with HR began 15 years ago through the encouragement of a mentor. Through her experience, Julie has adopted a people focussed approach to how she practices HR. As a certified Agile HR professional, she internalizes the people over process mantra in everything she does. Julie believes that all practitioners must create a synergy between HR information systems while humanizing the process of taking care of employees in the workplace. As the founder of Disrupt HR Caribbean and through her Podcast HR Sound Off as well as public speaking engagements, Julie is on a mission to equip the HR community with the knowledge and best practices to create better practitioners and professionals in the workplace.

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