Pt 16 – Putting myself through the mill!

Living this book title and journey

I hope that you and your are keeping safe and well.

My last update on the Change Is An Inside Job book development, I thought, was clarifying!

However, the past 4 weeks have been mentally painful. I have been SO in my head about my new focus on targeting white men with the book that I have felt regularly lost and lacking energy to engage with the book.


I thought at first that it was fear, but on further coaching and reflection, it has emerged that the main reason is that I have lost my purpose for writing the book in the first place.

Even though privilege, inequity and inclusion are intentional topics within the book, it is not ALL about that. I am not an expert on race, on inclusion etc but I do have a lived experience and the kindness and lived experience of 30 open-hearted humans to help the reader see themselves in the stories and experience shared, with the focus on exploring change from the inside-out.

What next?

I typed another 1000 words in the past few days for the time in weeks and with additional context and content in the form of many more podcast conversations and the new hue-man conversations that Mike Vacanti and I are hosting being available, I am feeling a positive energy to push forward.

The stories that I told myself over the past few weeks, and I knew they were stories, totally paralysed me around the book writing process. Even when we know intimately that change is an inside job, as I feel, it is not always easy to sit in that!

I also wish to thank Susanna and Juliana, two good Swiss friends that I met last Oct at the Ignite Conference and who have contributed to the book, for their holding up the mirror this past week.


I am very excited to be one of over 60 speakers at Vivian Acquah’s #AmplifyDEI online summit which takes place between 28th and 30th Sept 2020.

You can sign up here.

If you have any interest in the topics of diversity, equity or inclusion or you work within an organisation that has made statements following the murder of George Floyd and is now seeking some insight/guidance on how to bring that positive intent to life, you could do well to sign up to this summit.

I appreciate you staying with me on this journey and hope that my vulnerable share is a helpful reflection for you somehow.

The next time I update you I intend to have a few more thousand words written – wish me luck!

Take care