Episode 126 – Sabrina Ellis.

Episode 126 – Sabrina Ellis, Director of Operations and Wellbeing, Mental Health Specialist & Volunteer.

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“It comes down to how I view the world and I see people as individuals and I respect individuals, it does matter where they’re form, what’s their first language, what colour their hair is, it does not matter, what matters is the individual when I speak and listen to them” –  10.30

“What don’t I want to do today?” – 25.50

“Its not selfish to be alone”

“How do often do you say no without saying no” – 29.15

“Someone shared an experience of receiving an email very late at night and the implications on that person was they had no idea what the meeting was for, they thought they were in trouble ad nearly took their own life”  – 32.30

“We are going to put the human back into technology and we are going to treat everybody as an individual” – 43.05

“When they work in the office they leave on time, when they are working at home, they have to account for every minute. People are wanting to go into the office to separate being at work and being at home”


Sabrina is a passionate and kind individual who is keen to keep moving forward whilst helping others with their progress.

Throughout her experience as a Registered Mental Health Nurse and Psychologist, Sabrina’s passion has grown as an authentic leader as she strives to support and improve the personal and professional journeys of individuals.

Sabrina volunteers to provide free stress support and wellbeing sessions for NHS staff members who have experienced distress during COVID-19. Sabrina enjoys her role as a Coach supporting organisations with mental health and neurodiversity strategies, training and development.

With an aim to offer more opportunities to her local community and beyond, Sabrina volunteers with local Mental Health charities and is looking forward to mentoring students at the local University in the new academic year.

Sabrina can be contacted here -> https://www.gethynellis.com/about-us

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