This #HumanizeTheWorkplace episode is about the diversity & inclusion pull up with Etienne,

Rishita, Garry and Raisa. You are more welcome to ask questions or share your tips during this live conversation, which is being broadcasted via LinkedIn, Twitter/Periscope, Youtube & Facebook simultaneously.

Etienne Forbes has a strong passion for people, learning, and new challenges. His experiences lead him to his desire to create inclusive work environments for all.

Rishita Jones is building human-centered HR practices by using Agile HR, design thinking, digital transformation to create the best employee experience.

Garry Turner, Creator, and Host @ Value through Vulnerability Podcast.

Raisa is an entrepreneur, who founded Diversity Boutique, an organization that promotes D&I in business, but also in non-profit organizations. Involve your audience by using live streams!

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Vivian Acquah
As a Workplace Wellness Advocate, I advise managers on how to keep their team members healthy, happy, and safe by using a holistic approach called workplace wellness. I am also the digital strategist for this live stream production. #diversity #inclusion #linkedinlive #dei