Episode 117 – A Truly Hue-man Conversation with Raphael David & Dawna Jones.

A Truly Hue-an Conversation with Raphael David. Consultant for law enforcement agencies, tactical training & ethical leadership & Dawna Jones. Author, speaker & systems expert.

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This was the first recorded truly hue-man conversation that has been created by myself and HumansFirst founder Mike Vacanti as we seek to develop regular, sustainable conversations around intentional inclusion by design, especially around systemic challenges such as that around race.

– “What bothers me a lot is that I hear, in business in particular, ‘we are rational decision makers.’ If that were the case, there would be no need for diversity quotas, no need for quotas around women, none of that stuff would exist. Let’s get real, get honest and get truthful into what are we really doing to insert bias into our decision-making and how can we collectively design things better so we remove it” – 04.45 Dawna

– “Inherent in coping with complexity is the requirement for diversity, diversity of perspectives, diversity of world view at a global level, and putting all the pixels of the picture into the environment” – 06.50 Dawna

– “Recognise that we need everybody’s views together, divergent as they are, so we can converge on something that benefits everyone including the life support systems that we require to survive” – 07.20 Dawna

– “America is forced with a situation right now that even when you have rules, if there is no way to enforce them, individuals will do what is expedient. I think without teeth, almost nothing matters when you put in writing as there will be other individuals that will not adhere” – 08.30 Raphael

– “I am hesitant to say this but all of my younger relatives are taught to have a one button push to get video & audio on their phone right away, it is just what we do” 15.35 Raphael

– “It never dawned on anyone that I would be doing anything but sexually assaulting this woman in the middle of a mall, at lunchtime. That is not uncommon to me.  – Raphael

– “What’s worse is that I have interviewed people and when my supervisors found out that I interviewed them, they would literally call that person and say “did he attempt to touch you?” and the person would go “no, why?” and I had to sit there and listen to those types of conversation. Dehumanisation really does not describe the feeling it really doesn’t” – 19.35 Raphael

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