Episode 116 – Imran Rehman & Najib Rehman

Imran Rehman, founder of Kokoro & Najib Rehman, Data Strategy Lead at Farmatrust podcast

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Imran bio:
Imran Rehman is an organisation and performance specialist, with an expertise in measuring and developing high performance.  Based in Vienna, Imran is a leadership coach as well as co-founder of Kokoro, an intuitive app to measure emotions in teams, in real-time.     

Contact details:
Twitter: @ImsRehman

Najib bio:
Najib Rehman has worked and connected with people and teams in the data and analytics healthcare space in big and small companies for the best part of 2 decades, covering commercial operations, R&D and supply logistics around the world. Currently hanging out with his kids, riding bikes, baking bread and occasionally home schooling!

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Email – mike@mjvacanti.com

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Web – https://humansfirst.club/

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Email – garry@garryturner.life

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