Episode 115 – Deborah Abbot & Rhys Thomas.

Deborah Abbott, facilitator of human-centered working and Rhys Thomas, founder of TruSELF coaching podcast.

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  • “Having the human at the centre of everything, for me, is the only way to go forward” -02.55 Deborah
  • “Change out of necessity is good, change out of responsibility and accountability is better” – 16.25 – Rhys
    “Does it really how to take that long to change? What if you just get the right people in the room and start from the beginning” – 28.00 Deborah

Deborah and Rhys can be contacted via the following means:
Deborah  – https://www.linkedin.com/in/theleadershiptrainer/
Rhys – https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhysthomastruself/

Deorah bio:
Leadership facilitator and Champion for High-Performing Cultures
My vision in life is to serve others by empowering them to step into action and transform the way they show up for the benefit of themselves and others. My passion to serve others stems from my two fundamental values: Growth and Connectedness. I honour these by accompanying others on their (learning) journey and helping them connect their dots.
Yet no-one operates in a bubble. Like someone said to me once: Workplace culture is to people what water is to fish. Not long ago, I was a very hard-working and dedicated fish in a polluted organisational culture… Until I hit burnout: I was showing the very symptoms that I would speak about at my workshops, to enable leaders to recognize how toxic leadership and managerial styles can impact their people.
Until Burnout is seen as a key organisational concern and a leadership responsibility, high-performing cultures will remain scarce in our Western culture.

Rhys bio:
I help Leaders and Business Owners reconnect with their truSELF to realise their true potential and optimise their teams performance through the principles of Conscious Leadership; Connection, Cultivation, Communication, Curiosity, Caring, Co-Creation and Community.

Utilising EQ, SQ and Mindset we can work together to actualise your truSELF. By creating the right environment with incisive questioning, generative attention and the principles of deep listening we can identify and transform those limiting self-beliefs in to liberating ones and empower you with self-worth and self-awareness.
Learning to focus on the present moment and to always lead with your heart by putting kindness, compassion and gratitude at the forefront of everything you do lifts you and those around you.

By committing to a practice of daily personal development, becoming aligned with your core values, unlocking your superpowers and learning to always take intentional action, you will soon be achieving your true purpose!

That is when you are one with your truSELF.

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