Have Courage Online Summit

Back in Sept 2018 I had the somewhat crazy idea that I should fly to Arizona to be part of an entrepreneur event called The Zone, crested and hosted by Shanda Sumpter.

I was made aware of it by whom would become my coach for the Have Courage summit, Deborah Hurwitz.  Deborah is a productivity coach and award-winning composer, having worked on shows such as Jersey Boys, Cirque de Solail and many more.

The resulting summit had 22 guests including Claude Silver, Whitney Johnson, Peter Bregman, David Burkus, Richard Gerver, Kimberly Davis, Paul McGregor, Debra Ruh, Boni Lonnsburry, my coach Deborah and more.

The experience was challenging, scary yet exhilarating and most importantly, resulted in some very close friendships after the event.

I created the FREE Have Courage e-book (to the right) to help you step into your courage more, however if you feel that some 1-1 or group support could help you, do let me know so that we can set up an exploratory conversation.

Below are the eight podcasts that were created through this extraordinary journey. Enjoy.