Have Courage Online Summit Special Ep 6 with Gary Bridgeman, Professional & Personal Development Coach

I was totally enthralled by Gary Bridgeman in episode six of a special series of podcasts around Having Courage that will accompany the FREE Have Courage online summit that has run since Mon 11th Feb 2019 and will continue for 23 days.

We go deep, pretty quickly, into how it takes courage to look in the mirror, at ourselves and of our thinking, to face our fears, yet how by taking only small steps, we can truly step into our power.

I really had goosebumps as we spoke today!  Do you understand why?  Does it sound odd?  Let’s discuss your reflections.

Gary can be contacted via the following means:

LindkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-bridgeman-lion-04797a4/

Website – https://activate-yourlife.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Activ_your_life

You can subscribe to this FREE summit here -> havecourage.krtra.com/t/d9LANKhHjfZa?tracking_id1=HCSummit&tracking_id2=GarryT

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