Have Courage Online Summit reflections with Rich Cooper, Coach, Job-Crafter & Financial Analyst

Rich Cooper, the ultimate example of someone that intentionally job-crafts their role across coaching, financial crime and a passion for education, kindly suggested and offered to record a reflective episode of the Value through Vulnerability podcast following my recent Hvae Courage Online Summit (I played with re-branding the podcast to Have Courage, but Value through Vulnerability feels the right focus).

Rich was keen to hear what the main themes were that emerged from the summit, whilst creating a space for me to stop and reflect on the process and the impact of the summit.  I am very grateful to Rich for his approach and offer of support.

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We would be grateful for any feedback or challenges that you may have to the messaging and in the mean time, Rich Cooper can be contacted as follows:

LinkedIn –  https://www.linkedin.com/in/rich-cooper-4b7b124/ 

Twitter –  https://twitter.com/uk_coops 

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