Episode 111 – Roz Savage.

Author of the ‘Gifts of Solitude,’ motivational speaker and 4 x Guinness record world record holder

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“There was a lot of surrender to what is, a need to refocus on the things that I could control like just showing up and to reframe the situation as I couldn’t change reality, but I can change my attitude to it” – 06.45

– “When you can’t change what is happening around you, then the last power left to us is to choose our attitude (ref: Victor Frankl)” – 08.35

– “The beauty of curiosity is that it helps us be less attached to any particular outcome”

– 12.40 – “Think about what we want to carry forward. Which pieces of luggage can we put down and leave behind? What are the values that we really want to embody going forward, both individually and collectively“ – 14.15

– “I am curious about not just the abstract values, but the financial value that we put on things might get shaken up going forward and I hope that we take these opportunities and don’t go back to the same old, same old” – 21.20

– “I like the phrase; strong opinions, lightly held” – 25.55 –

“it is important to have beliefs, but also to know that we choose those beliefs and not to mistake them for truth” – 26.05 Roz can be found via the following means:

Web – https://www.thegiftsofsolitude.org/ 

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/rozsavage/ 

Bio: Roz Savage is the first (and so far only) woman to row solo across the world’s “Big Three” oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian. She holds four Guinness World Records, and was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire for services to fundraising and the environment. It was an unexpected career move for a former management consultant who doesn’t particularly enjoy exercise. She was inspired to brave the oceans when she realised two things: 1) we are all capable of much more than we tend to believe we are, and 2) we need to make some changes if we’re going to live healthy lives on a thriving planet. So she used her voyages to expand her own limits, and to promote sustainable living. She now writes, speaks, and lectures on sustainability, courage, resilience, and change.

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