Episode 112, Purdeep Sangha.

Author, Coach & Strategist For Men In Business.

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– “I was doing very well on paper, I had it all, had the cushy job making good money travelling the world, had all the perks that came along with it, but I just wasn’t happy with life, I wasn’t fulfilled with life, I felt like I was going through the motions” – 1.40

– “Today I help men in business not only transform their lives, but also their businesses as well” – 04.20

– “Men everywhere are looking for leadership.   When men step up that is when things will change” – 07.10

– “There is so much fear in people that productivity in business has dropped significantly” – 08.00

– “A lot of times men identify themselves with what they have, their position, their business and for a lot of men that has been wiped out and it has been wiped out overnight and that is testing who they truly are, their identity” – 16.50

– “My kids teach me a very tough lesson on occasion. They will ask do you care about your work more than you care about us?“ – 19.15

– “There are two parts to that. Initially, being able to get guys to drop their shield early on in the first couple of conversations is the toughest part. Later on, there is another realisation, that’s almost the spiritual realisation. The first is more logical, the second is more spiritual. They are more than a bag of skin and bones; they are a source of energy” – 34.20

– “The topic of power is so misconstrued; power is not a bad word. It is not about control, it is about being that source of energy that they (men) need to live a fulfilling live. It can also be in the feminine state to connect with other people, put their guards down, to be vulnerable” – 35.35

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Purdeep Sangha is widely known as “The Strategist For Men In Business” and teaches men how to become a Profit-Multiplying Powerhouse. His personal mission is to help men grow their businesses massively, increase their personal fulfillment in life and improve their relationships with their wife and kids. He is the founder behind the movement #MenWhoWin, men who are mindful alpha males. As an award-winning author, entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, business coach, husband and father, Purdeep knows exactly how tough it can be to balance a successful business with a happy family. After studying and working with some of the most successful men around the globe, Purdeep shows men the neuroscience behind becoming limitless.

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