Episode 109 – Doug Kirkpatrick.

US partner, NuFocus Strategic Group, author, keynote speaker and self-management expert

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I loved this conversation with Doug Kirkpatrick as we explore deeply human, self-management organisations and practices.

– “Working with our founder (during 1980s) we had some reservations about the organisation structure because we had kind of defaulted to the traditional command and control organisational structure that every other company used” – 02.10
– “We started collecting observations. One of the observations was that people drive into the parking lot, park their car and come into work. We realised that every one of these individuals is a manager already in his or her own personal life so every one of those individuals is making gigantic life-altering decisions on their own without a boss. Their deciding who to date, who to marry, what to do for a living whether to take out a mortgage or have kids or whatever” – 03.20
– “I am adding zero value to this process, in fact it is negative value because there is an opportunity cost associated with the time and effort involved so he (managing partner) came down the hall and dropped the checks off on my desk” – 04.50
– “The Morningstar team principles essentially boiled down to two very simple things. First, human beings should not use force or coercion against other human beings. The second principle is that people should keep the commitments they make to each other” – 07.25
– “We basically changed the cost structure of our entire industry at that moment and we did it without ever deviating from our two principles; don’t use force and keep commitments. We became the largest tomato processor in the world (Morningstar)” – 09.45

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