Pt 2 – Scoping the journey – Change Is An Inside Job

Hi there, I hope that you are doing well and keeping safe at this time.

I appreciate that those that previously signed up to the Have Courage or Listening Organisation subscriptions are now receiving updates on my book development.

I am intending to bring you value not only sharing the book development but by sharing other content and media that I believe can serve you personally and professionally, not only during this crisis but long after this has passed.

I hope that you will stay with me on this journey.

Post-surgery recovery

So I have had the slightly odd, but grateful, situation of being looked after my mum and dad over the past two weeks.

They are two generous souls who I have not spent two weeks with, every day since I was 18! Just a little public thank you to them for being so kind and so you can see where I get my good looks from! lol

Scoping the book

The scope of the book continues to shape up with the outline to chapters 3 & 4 falling into place. Of course, this all remains fluid, but it feels like a good and helpful flow so far.



            Why I wrote this book                                                                                          X

            Who is this book for?                                                                                            X

            The Regenerative Collaboration Flow                                                              X

1 Consciousness shifting

The world is waking up                                                                                         X

            Acknowledging externalities                                                                               X

            The Interconnectedness of all things                                                                X

Researching the heist

2 The perceived internal and external influences on change

            Perceived internal influences on change                                                         X

            Perceived external influences on change                                                        X

            The planning fallacy                                                                                               X

3 Why organisations fail to change

            Innocently looking in the wrong direction                                                      X

            Change model overload                                                                                       X

            The danger of rinse and repeat                                                                          X

            Prizing busyness over connection                                                                     X

Planning the heist

4 When organisations change well

Engaging heart and head                                                                                     X

Like-hearted vs like-minded leadership                                                           X

            People-centred organisational design                                                              X


The past few days have been positive and humbling, to be honest, as 15 people have agreed to review and contribute to the book via interview, with a further 10 people being open to sharing their lived experience via interview to help add extra flavour and insight.

Inclusion and diversity of thought are firmly front of my mind when seeking willing contributors and whilst we are all intersectional human beings, the importance of contributions from a wide demographic and diverse set of human beings is important.

I am not a fan, at all, of labels and boxes, yet to help bring the diversity of contributors lined up so far to life, we have a good mix of gender, race, age, disability, and functional diversity so far.

When I talk about functional diversity, I mean that I shall be speaking with an intentional mix of in-role practitioners working within organisations, as well as consultants.

Ep 102 of the Value through Vulnerability podcast

Speaking of support, I was grateful to host a conversation with the incredible Tom Van Der Lubbe last Tuesday, one of the co-founders of a leading mortgage broker for graduates and the number one place to work in the Netherlands, Viisi.

At this of flux and change, Tom offered some absolutely brilliant insights which I believe will serve you including:

During normal times we always have a clear hierarchy. It starts with purpose. The business is not meant to maximise profit., but it should be a multi-stakeholder approach

Yes, Tom did just say that! Also, I thought that the following was very powerful:

I think that we are ‘normal’ as SMEs. It is not normal to egotistical. It’s normal to be altruistic. It’s normal to help each other

Tom’s openness and heart-led leadership is not the norm yet, but I truly believe it will be over the next generation. To remember and realise that we are all connected and not separate really does hold within it transformational opportunity.

If the current challenges have proved one thing to me it is that fear, greed and external validation do not serve the greater good.

Connection, vulnerability, listening, and heart, for example, do yet until now we have rarely given ourselves permission to practice and develop these muscles.

Connection over projection

I have also had a small challenge to myself around change being an inside job today, in terms of my social media usage.

In fact, my friends at BizCatalyst 360 published the article this morning so I hope that this serves as a helpful reflective space for you as it did for me.

Brainfood Live podcast on mental health

Finally, for today, I was grateful to be co-host on Hung Lee’s Brainfood Live last Friday where we explored mental health at a time of crisis.

Many of you are aware that I burnt myself out several years ago and must say I found this conversation to be a very rich one, especially alongside my friend Helen Amery who coaches from a far more intuitive space these days.

I truly believe that you will find some real gems of insight within this conversation as well as some ideas as to how to ensure you stay in a higher quality of mind as we navigate the current challenges together.

I hope that this update serves you somehow and wish you and yours a safe and positive week ahead.

Thinking Partnerships

I am now taking on 1-1 Thinking Partnership coaching clients and am already serving one, so should you feel that I can support you in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out.

My approach is to use Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment to offer you the interrupted space to think for yourself, as yourself.

Be well.