Pt 3 – The first experiential interview

Hi everyone, I hope that you and yours are keeping and well, safe and are looking forward to the Easter weekend ahead.

This week Rob Baker, founder of Tailored Thinking, joined me as my first interviewee for ‘Change Is An Inside Job.’

I have known Rob for a few years now and I have always been inspired by his positivity, pragmatism and blend of organisational and academic expertise (the latter really is not my sweet spot!)

He previously wrote a fantastic article on LinkedIn about resilience which I think would be interesting for you.

Rob offered some wonderful insights throughout our conversation this week with the following really resonating deeply with me:

I see change as a form of experimentation.  It’s a form of moving towards the unknown.  It’s a way of doing things differently and in so doing that, at an individual level, at a neurochemical level, it is going to fire new synapses in your head, so they (change and growth) are indelibly linked

As we navigate the current crisis, I am reminded that life is an experiment.

Indeed life is permanent improvisation, something I learned more about with Neil Mullarkey, founder of the Comedy Store Players back on Ep 76 of the Value through Vulnerability podcast.

Rob also shared insightfully that meaningful change can occur by:

Trying to change in a way that moves us more towards the way that we want to be and more towards the direction that we want to move towards, as an individual, as a team, as a society, rather than being an innocent bystander from that change

I wonder what is coming up for you as you reflect on these quotes from Rob?

Rob also joined me all the way back on Ep 5 of Value through Vulnerability podcast in case you wanted to learn more about and with him.

The book is taking further (loose) shape

The next two chapters of the book are shared below (chapters 5 & 6):



Why I wrote this book                                                                                         

Who is this book for?                                                                                           

The Regenerative Collaboration Flow                                                             

1 Consciousness shifting

The world is waking up                                                                                        

Acknowledging externalities                                                                              

The Interconnectedness of all things                                                               

Researching the heist

2 The perceived internal and external influences on change

Perceived internal influences on change                                                        

Perceived external influences on change                                                       

The planning fallacy                                                                                              

3 Why organisations fail to change

Innocently looking in the wrong direction                                                     

Change model overload                                                                                      

The danger of rinse and repeat                                                                         

 Prizing busyness over connection                                                                    

Planning the heist

4 When organisations change well

Engaging heart and head                                                                                    

Like-hearted vs like-minded leadership                                                          

People-centred organisational design                                                             

Executing the heist

5 Leading from the inside-out

Understanding how the mind works                                                               

Challenging belief systems                                                                                 

Feeling and acknowledging emotion                                                               

6 Change as business as usual

We are change                                                                                                       

Moving to job roles from job descriptions                                                     

Employee voice as a superpower                                                                     

Igniting whole-person being and working                                                      

Rob’s focus on job-crafting is definitely an inspiration, in part, for the section on moving from job roles to job descriptions, something you can learn more about in his new book, Personalization At Work.

Additionally, my hospital phone call was from one of the urology nurses to advise that I should expect a call from an Oncologist within the next 2-3 weeks.

The lovely nurse Carly confirmed that it was indeed testicular cancer that I had removed on March 19th, however, the CT-scan showed that there had been no spreading thus far and therefore I need some more blood tests and surveillance over the next few years.

Fingers crossed the quick turnaround within an 8 week period gives me the chance to reach my 25th year anniversary with Jackie in just over 24 years’ time. 🙂

This experience will for sure inform chapter 5 at certain points and I also, in the spirit of offering hope to others, wrote a short article about my experience of that phonecall yesterday.

The importance of inclusion

This week I released Ep 104 of the Value through Vulnerability podcast with Rina Goldenberg Lynch, founder of Voice At The Table.

I have long believed that we are all connected and that it is only our (over) thinking that causes separation, yet can we use the current crisis, a true leveler for all humanity, for a collective resetting of beliefs that no longer serve us around sexism, racism, ageism etc? I hope so.

Rina shared a similar view that:

Every disaster, if you will, has a silver lining. It absolutely questions the structure and the process that we adhere to as humans today, as a society today, and that is hopefully what we are starting to question and recongise that there is so much more we could do to unleash the human

Currently, we have exponential increases in the death rate due to C19 with a peak expected in the UK this weekend or next. These are scary and sad times, yet we must have hope.

I have hope that our collective consciousness is on the rise (our overthinking is dissolving) and I truly hope that when this book eventually comes out, that it is a helpful resource for people to uncover and claim their innate power and impact, both individually and collectively, at home, work and in society.

I leave you with a beautiful sunset from yesterday evening, down here in Boscombe on the South Coast of the UK.

I truly believe that Change Is An Inside Job and hope to reach those that most need to see and feel this message.

Be well and safe.

Garry Turner