Pt 5 – A difficult week with the mind!

Over this past week, I have struggled a little.

One moment super hopeful that post-crisis we will be part of and contribute towards a far more humane society, then feeling overwhelmed at the helplessness that I sometimes feel around the bigger system issues like inequality.

So last Tuesday my mind was revving like crazy! How can I sit here in the UK thinking about things will be better post-crisis when I have seen children living under bridges in India, and so the mind reel played out.

On Weds morning everything felt lighter. Nothing had changed except my thinking around the situation.

Yes I do believe in better post-crisis and the way I can try and help inequality is not by getting frustrated by it, but by bringing attention to it and also writing this book to help people see back to their innate creativity, gifts and worthiness as that in and of itself could help shift the thinking over a generation, which will, in turn, support future leadership at all levels.

What was even funnier at the time, in hindsight, is that I was at that time of excessive revving in my mind, taking part in Helen Amery’s cohort exploring ‘what’s really going on,?’ an 8-session, virtual group experiential course that I would highly recommend to anybody that is curious about learning more about how our thinking shapes our reality.

Good progress on primary research interviews

Whilst I have not written many words since the last update, I have now carried out 12 interviews with 5 of them reviewed and signed off by the wonderful founder of Tailored Thinking and author Rob Bakerspeaker and author Mark C Crowley, my colleague and MD of IMCDs Benelux operation Lodewijk MellemaTEDx speaker, author and founder of Customer Fanatix Heather Younger, and Inclusion Architect and author Toby Mildon.

Some example reflections from those conversations include:

“Change your mind before you change your environment”

“In order for you to see that change in the environment, or in you as positive, you have got to change your mind first”

“Change is inevitable. A lot of the time it may be thrust upon us. We cannot get away from change, but what we can do is change our mindset towards it.”

“We are working 100,000 hours in our lives, for 10% we are managed so the rest we need to manage ourselves”

“As an organisation and as a person, we need try and continuously change and learn as when we grow ourselves, it will also grow the company and the results”

I have a further 5 interviews next week with the target of at least 30 interviews to help pepper the book with a diverse range of insights and experiences

What comes up for you on reading these quotes? Do you agree? Would you challenge them? I would love to hear from you.

Leveraging the marketing / HR alliance

I was grateful to host a wonderful conversation on last Monday’s Value through Vulnerability podcast with Hilton Barbour, marketing provocateur, Mark Edgar who is an ex-CHRO and founder of Goat Rodeo Project and HumansFirst founder Mike Vacanti.

I especially loved the marketing-HR alliance lens which was explored at length and also some challenging provocations from Hilton around whether or not an organisation deserves to emerge post-crisis.

Virtual conferences

One of the areas where I am gaining huge value personally currently is through joining a range of online summits or conferences where you have a wide range of speakers and sessions on a single day.

Rather than clogging up multiple days with different content, this has been a helpful way to me personally to be more intentional about the content I wish to engage with.

Two such online events which I am grateful to be speaking at next week are:

Eleanor Tweddel’s The Space In Between festival will run through Mon 27th April to Fri 1st May with my session taking place at 0930am on Weds 29th April.

You can sign up for free here and with an eclectic mix of sessions from learning to write a book, how to be a virtual assistant, how to be fearless and my session on the power of vulnerability in the workplace.

Mike Vacanti’s HumansFirst rally day takes place on Thurs 30th April and runs from 2pm UK through to 10pm UK time and will include me at 5pm UK alongside Amy Edmondson, Harvard Professor who leads on psychological safety, Kimberly Davis author of Brave Leadership, Claude Silver Chief Heart Officer of Vayner Media, Bob Chapman CEO of Barry Wehmiller and Truly Human Leadership creator, Kevin Monroe, Mark C Corlwey, Cornell Thomas, Heather Younger and many more.

You can sign up for free here if of interest.

Throughout both of these sessions next week, I will be exploring my thinking around the 4Vs of meaningful contribution, both at home and at work.

One of the key themes, you may not be surprised, is my assertion that without seeing and embracing these 4Vs from the inside-out, we lessen our impact on the world outside of us.

Some reflective questions in case of value to you today:

Have you found your voice fully? Do you speak up and challenge the status quo? Do you communicate what matters to you?

What do you value at a soul level, not just money or materialism level? How well aligned are they to where you work or what you do?

How comfortable are you being vulnerable, showing more of the true you? What does it feel like for you when you ask for help?

How much variety do you have in your life? What could you do to intentionally disrupt yourself, seeking to learn and grow in new ways?

I hope that you have found some value in this week’s newsletter and I would love to hear from you by reply or via any of the below social channels.