Episode 108 – Cali Williams Yost.

Founder & CEO of Flex+Strategy Group, ‘One The Radar’ Thinkers 50, futurist, author & speaker

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“That organisation that did that work to shift to high performance flexibility, for the talent purposes, for the productivity reasons, for the leveraging of resources etc they are able to switch on a dime when they needed to in response to this crisis. I have heard this time and time again” – 21.25

“This man across the desk from me said ‘oh, I give my people flexibility and they stay with me forever, and it is all about good business.’ One of those moments where the angels sang, and everything stopped” – 02.30

Key invitations from Cali in advance:

– Being clear about what the priorities are

– Leveraging the technology, you already have

– Effectively communicating and coordinating together

– Helping your people be intentional

– Leverage what you have learned from that on the other side

“It (the current crisis) has got rid of these artificial barriers that we have put around these different parts of our lives. It opens up the door to realise we are all in this together, what’s your specialness that you are bringing to the table and et me show you mine” – 14.35

“Also it’s a shift in mindset, it’s a letting go that many leaders are afraid of as they feel it is going to be chaos, nothing is going to get done, how do you know people are working, how do you engage with them, it’s a whole new way of leading that many are not confident will be able to make that pivot” – 06.25

Cali can be found as follows:

Web – https://flexstrategygroup.com/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/caliwilliamsyost/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/caliyost


Cali Williams Yost is an internationally-recognized flexible workplace strategist and futurist. She is the Founder and CEO of the Flex+Strategy Group, a solutions company that helps leaders unlock performance and engagement by reimagining how, when and where work is done.

For more than two decades, Yost has foreseen many early flexible workplace trends. She’s used those insights to help organizations build dynamic, future-ready cultures that attract and retain an engaged, diverse workforce; increase productivity and innovation; enhance employee wellbeing and maintain operating continuity when faced with unexpected disruptions.

Clients have included: Con Edison, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Quest Diagnostics, BDO USA, UBS Americas, National Institutes of Health, EY, Freddie Mac, the Singapore Government, the United Nations, Columbia University, NYU and Stanford University.

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