Episode 106 – Hilton Barbour.

Marketing Provocateur & Mark Edgar, founder of Goat Rodeo project.

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“This experience will create more buying power for employees, a positive pressure on organisations that could be once leverage, if responded to you well” – Mark 

“If it isn’t serving you, it is holding you back. If we don’t recognise that this is the time to let go of it, I am not sure when that will be” – Hilton 

Mark’s bio: Mark Edgar is a people-centric, strategic and innovative consultant, facilitator and coach with global experience developing and delivering impactful and business focused people strategies across a range of sectors. He has over 25 years’ experience building HR solutions across the broad HR agenda including transformational change, talent management, engagement and organizational effectiveness. Mark runs his own consulting Goat Rodeo Project designed to help organizations avoid train wrecks! He is the co-founder of future foHRward – a community for HR professionals to build their capabilities and confidence in leveraging the opportunities that come from the new world of work. He is also a board member of Strategic Capability Network.

Most recently Mark worked for RSA for over 8 years in the role of CHRO with overall responsibility for HR and Communications for the Canadian business. Previously, he was based in the UK as Head of Human Resources within Centrica Plc; a major energy company operating in the UK under the British Gas brand. He has also worked for BSkyB, a TV, broadband and phone company, in an HR role responsible for their operational business units and customer facing teams.

Mark lives in Canada with his wife and two daughters and spends his time playing, coaching and watching soccer – or what he calls football! Hilton’s bio: My personal mantra is “Question Everything” Over the past 18 years I’ve been fortunate to put that mantra to task in a diverse number of settings, categories and markets. From global brands as diverse as IBM, Coca-Cola, Nokia, Enron, Hilton Worldwide and Ernst & Young to markets as unique as Canada, Japan, UK, Germany and Bulgaria, I’ve lead numerous brand, digital and business strategy engagements. And had a ton of fun doing it.

My passion is create winning brands by helping businesses become more adept at handling change and more effective at creating extraordinary customer experiences. I am passionate about culture because, over the course of my career, I’ve seen time and again that culture is either an accelerant of growth – or an impediment. As a marketer, I believe that culture really is an organization’s only sustainable competitive advantage…and that winning organizations are the one’s that commit to their culture daily.

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