Episode 105 – Saki Arkoudopoulos.

Global Portfolio & Program Manager.

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Saki is a wonderful high-energy, people-centered human.  We meander through self-awareness, culture, navigating the current crisis, remote work and so much more.

– “The division I am working in is open to new ways of working, experimenting with ways of working and I love it as it brings people much closer together, it diminishes team boundaries artificial boundaries and in the end we all have a common call and need to work towards a common goal” – 04.05
– “What you are seeing right now is that we are all much more connected and need each other much more than we actually think. Nobody can operate on an island nowadays” – 05.05
– “I hate politics (at work) It makes you lose speed; it makes you focus on completely different stuff to execution” – 06.00
– “I think is boils down to self-awareness, knowing your own strengths and weaknesses” – 07.00
– “I am really hoping that this can be a reset for people. E.g if I was commuting 5 hours per day, now I can spend that 5 hours per day with my kids. I was making a lot of money, now I am making zero, was that money really worth it or is there something else that I really wanted to do but did not take advantage of?”- 12.10
– “We always thought that we were not ready for it (homeschooling) until you are forced to actually do it” – 12.20
– “Sometimes it enough to just sit. We have forgotten the art of just wandering, of doing nothing and just being in the moment” – 18.25
– “I get that there a lot to be said for being busy, but as long as we realise that they are all excuses and if you want to do something, you need to hold yourself accountable” – 21.25
– “There is a place for fear, but it should not paralyse you. Look neutral at whatever the facts are” – 32.10

Saki is active on LinkedIn and can be founder here -> https://www.linkedin.com/in/saki-arkoudopoulos/

My ambition is to positively influence the way of working and culture through my actions, results and words. 

I facilitate and serve my team members and love creating a densely connected environment that stimulates true teamwork across artificial borders, bridging the gap between departments and/or the business. I love guiding teams to successful delivery of their work while ensuring excellent customer satisfaction and involvement. Fast-growing organizations with a learning and continuous improvement culture energize me tremendously and “when can we start” is an expression I often use.

I’m an activator at heart and I’m a big believer of continuous and relentless (self)improvement while having a kaizen mentality. I love actively and respectfully challenging people when I notice fixed mindsets around any topic, on any level. I do this not to provoke, but to accelerate change. While I have a masters in Computer Science, I stay within my professional lane, not assuming to be nor playing a technical champion.

You can contact me via the following means:
Email – garryturner0@hotmail.com
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/garryinterpersonalcatalyst/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/GarryIPCatalyst

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