Brainfood Marathon 2020.

24 hour Video Livestream (link in description).

Hey Folks, 

Join the North America and APAC legs of our Marathon here:

What is Brainfood Marathon?

It’s Brainfood Live on caffeine – a global one day, one off, always on, video livestream.

You know already know some of these names of the folks who will be joining:

Lars Schmidt, Greg Savage, Josh Levine, Ivan Harrison, Chris Long, April Robinson, Johnny Campbell, Vanessa Raath, Clair Bush, Chris Wray, Tris Revill, Jennifer van Riet, Susan LatMotte, Roy Baladi,  Bill Boorman, Lorna Borenstein, James Ellis, Elena Valentine, Laurie Ruettimann, Chad & Julian Ann Sowash, Kyle Lagunas and many more.

We’re are talking before / after – how do we now see the topics of Recruiting Brainfood in the post pandemic world. 

30 minute interviews and presentations with some of the brightest minds in the business.

Completely free – click on Let me in! to register!

See you Tuesday!