Pt 1 – And we are off…….. Change really is an inside job! (No joke!)

Hello there, how are you and your families at this odd yet hopeful time? I hope well and safe.

Since putting out my first post on Mon 30th March 2020 that I shall start the book-writing process, I have truly felt my own new internal change journey kicking in around the book. As Whitney Johnson’s work around personal disruption cites, moving to a new S-Curve of learning is always a good thing. There will be references to Whitney’s work and my own personal disruption journey within the book.

I am excited to try and serve people with deeply human, interconnected lived experience storytelling, research and calls to action, yet this has been mixed with the momentary shame monster popping up asking ‘do you really think you are capable of doing this?’ and then the reminder that at this time of significant systematic flux, locally and globally, that what we need now more than ever is to lean into our self-worth, our values, our own power, and our interdependent humanity.

Episode 101 of the Value through Vulnerability podcast

I was blessed to have a wonderful reminder as to the intuitive nature of our human experience when publishing the latest episode 101 of the Value through Vulnerability podcast boosted by HumansFirst with Ian Braid from DOCIAsport Ltd.

Ian has himself been on a significant mental health journey, one that has seen him diagnosed for depression and he ended up burning himself out, yet today he lives a life more intuitively. He has realised, in his own way, that his human experience is thought-created and not solely linked to circumstances outside of himself.

He is the living embodiment that Change Is An Inside Job. In fact one of his quotes during our conversation was very profound:

A lesson I had to learn the hard way was that duty of care belongs to the individual first and foremost

The circumstance outside of us could change, yet the same stories or mental models that remain inside of us can hold a situation to be ‘true’ when it isn’t. Does that resonate with you? Or would you challenge that?

This is definitely an area that we shall be exploring in more detail within the book.

Lockdown on the South Coast of the UK

It is an odd time currently with my wife and her (our) 3 children being locked down in Kent and myself locked down her in Boscombe on the South Coast.

I am very lucky, however, to experience this beautiful coastline whilst I have my one exercise per day, yet I miss my wife and kids immensely.

I am reflective as I am into my second week of recovery after having an operation to remove suspected testicular cancer. In fact, I wrote about that here in case it serves anybody. This experience will for sure be part of the book at different points and I am super grateful to my mother and father who have looked after me over the past 10 days.

I will, however, take the opportunity to continue to build out the skeleton of the book which so far includes the following:



Why I wrote this book                                                                                          X

Who is this book for?                                                                                            X

The Regenerative Collaboration Flow                                                              X

1 Consciousness shifting

The world is waking up                                                                                         X

Acknowledging externalities                                                                               X

The Interconnectedness of all things                                                                X

Researching the heist

2 The perceived internal and external influences on change

Perceived internal influences on change                                                         X

Perceived external influences on change                                                        X

The planning fallacy                                                                                               X

I am grateful for you being with me on this journey and hope that you will stay tuned and share your thoughts and feelings as I post.

Helping serve others

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Be well and keep in touch.