Episode 103 – Rina Goldenberg Lynch.

Founder and CEO of Voice At The Table.

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I just loved this conversation with the inspiring Rina Goldenerg Lynch.  Pragmatic, hopeful and challenging of the status quo, Rina has offered some of the most inclusive insight around the inclusion agenda I have come across so far.

– “I realised that a lot of people around me have lots and lots to offer, yet the organisation wasn’t equipped with identifying what that extra value was that the individuals have to offer, therefore were not able to tap into it” – 01.20

– “Every disaster, if you will, has a silver lining. It absolutely questions the structure and the process that we adhere to as humans today, as a society today, and that is hopefully what we are starting to question and recognise that there is so much more we could be doing to unleash the human” – 13.45

– “One of the things that I have learned is people are far more complicated than we give them credit for. We are so much deeper than we think we are” – 30.30

– “It is no longer enough to have the smartest person doing the job, if that smartest person looks the like person right next to them and the person right next to them” – 03.20

– “I did notice that they (people performing a role) had a lot more to contribute and I felt like I had a lot more to contribute than what was being asked of me” – 07.10

– “Structure yes, but let’s loosen it up, lets shake up the framework and lets introduce a little bit of ‘flying by the seat of your pants’ and do things that we are not used to or are not comfortable with” – 17.30

– “An inclusive leader, somebody that can be vulnerable and is humble in front of others. Admits to their mistakes and weakness and asks for help from the team” – 21.50

– “The ability to listen. Actually listening to the person, what they are saying, why they are saying it, what is motivating them. Trying to genuinely understand where they are coming from and that requires empathy” – 24.40


Rina Goldenberg Lynch, Gender Parity Advocate, Founder & CEO, has 20 years of experience as a lawyer. Having started her legal career in Washington DC, she then worked as a banking lawyer with Clifford Chance LLP in London and as a Director in the legal department of ING Bank London. During her career, Rina observed that most organisations had a dominant culture which required – directly or indirectly – every person to adapt. As a result, leaders often failed to realise the full potential of their colleagues, overlooking their colleagues’ individual differences as strengths, leaving untapped much talent, dedication and commitment. 

Having experienced this first-hand and learning how to break the corporate mould, Rina developed a passion for endowing her experience and knowledge onto other women, helping them attain sustainable career satisfaction by contributing fully and authentically. Rina mentored many women to break through their own limiting beliefs and to become agents of change for other women and colleagues. Separately, 

Rina also began to help her own employer to realise women’s untapped contribution by modelling how to value difference and turn it into a useful resource for the business. This was the catalyst behind Voice At The Table. The consultancy helps organisations succeed by learning how to appreciate and harness diversity of thought.

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