Episode 102 – Tom Ven Der Lubbe.

Viisionair & Co-Founder of Viisi.

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What a way for the first collaborative podcast to lift off.

Mike Vacanti and I had the pleasure of hosting a conversation with Viisi co-founder Tom Van Der Lubbe.  We meandered across such a wide range of topics including culture, self-management, leadership, vulnerability, innovation, talent and so much more.

Some of the key insights include:

– “I wanted to become a diplomat, but I found out pretty quickly that I am not that diplomatic” – 01.40

– “We became entrepreneurs by accident after our subsidiary was closed down” – 02.20

– “We had more or less a recession scenario in place. We just had to take out our crisis scenario from the past” – 04.05

– “During normal times we always have a clear hierarchy. It starts with purpose. The business is not meant to maximise profit, but it should be a multi-stakeholder approach” – 05.50

– “On top of purpose, we want to change the financial sector. It should become more sustainable, more long-term orientated etc We always had a second purpose which was to create a better work environment, putting people first” – 06.00

– “We always have a ‘virtual bench.’ We were always in talks with people that we did not need at that moment, but now is a great time to activate this as we navigate the crisis” – 35.00

– “What I like is no bosses and that everybody is a leader. if you try and create an environment where people feel safe, in their teams, people will all, in the end, become leaders as they act in normal life as well” – 41.25

– “Try to take all the financial bonuses and incentives out of it so people can be vulnerable. Normally you can’t be vulnerable because it has a negative effect on your own salary or bonus or on the salary and bonus of your team” – 42.10

The book that Yom referenced during our conversation can be found here -> https://evonomics.com/why-garbage-men-should-earn-more-than-bankers/

Tom can be contacted via the following means:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomvanderlubbe/

Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/valuevulnerability/message