Episode 104 – Samantha Suppiah and Alexandra Enke.

Sustainability Strategist & Alexandra Enke, Igniting People’s Unique Genius

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– “This is a collective meditation (C-19 crisis) A taking away of all of the layers of how people have wanted us to see the world, how people have wanted to keep us in control, have wanted to maintain our tunnel vision. This has taken all those layers away” – 16.15 (Sam)

– “It’s not just about the egoistic self, bottom line, finance and money, suddenly it becomes about humanity, the planet, how we are all together as one contributing for a better world” – 03.00 (Alex)

– “It’s not about fighting people, it’s about fighting ideas. Ideas come up in people’s minds through conversations” – 10.35 (Sam)

– “The focus is on not just public services, but basic services. The internet, supply chain for food etc” – 34.35 (Sam)

– “Freedom to travel, being in contact – these little things we should be grateful for them” – 14.10 (Alex)

– “Every individual can be a leverage point. Every individual needs to find their genius in order for them to be effective in fighting the war we need to fight, not against each other, but against our own undoing” – 05.45 (Sam)

– “Collectively we need to shift the mindset. In every individual there is the potential to take away those layers that may you blind. Uncover that truth, and ignite whatever that is for the greater good” – 31.25 (Sam)

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Alexandra Enke’s mission in life is to help leaders to ignite their unique genius and use it for the greater good. Born in Leipzig in Germany, she has lived around the world inc in Mexico, Colombia, Egypt, Austria, Italy, India, Switzerland & Thailand.

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Samantha Suppiah is a sustainability strategist and chartered engineer in the field of urban design, architecture, and engineering. An independent consultant based in Southeast Asia, Samantha is interested in climate resilience and regenerative leadership.”

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