Episode 99 – John Featherby.

Founder of Shoremount and a founding B Corp.

I really enjoyed this conversation with John Featherby who is a founding UK B Corp and speaks so eloquently and with such clarity about the opportunity that ay in front of us to become more humane, people-centric orgs that serve people, planet and profit. Some of the key reflections for me included: – 

“I spend as much time as I can in the countryside. I get most of my peace and my thinking when connected to natural landscapes” – 01.00 – “Problem-solving can only iterate the current reality, you can’t launch yourself into a new reality by just fixing what’s current. You have to create something new” – 27.05 – 

“They (children) are not asked to solve problems. What would the system look like if every child in school was being asked to solve problems, real problems that the adults are trying to deal with. That creates a totally different society” – 35.05 – 

“I did have some clarity young. For the most part, whilst you may have that clarity, it doesn’t mean that there is a group of people willing to listen” – 04.00 – 

“When we talk about change it always starts with some kind of death, some kind of price is paid for change at the start” – 05.20 – “Change the people, change the planet rather than the other way around. Ultimately this is a heart question” – 11.40 – 

“Organisations measure and engage with the physical stuff that’s easy to see, but actually we are so much more than the physical representation of ourselves” – 24.15 

John can be contacted via the following means: 

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnfeatherby/ 

Web – https://www.shoremount.com/ 

Bio: I am the owner of Shoremount, a consulting firm that seeks to restore joy, meaning and freedom to every workplace. Shoremount is a Founding UK B Corp, now a $80Bn/yr “business as a force for good” movement, and was awarded “Changemaker Honoree” in the B Corp “Best for The World Lists”. I am the author of The Guide to Human Organisations. I am the Founder of Human Stories at Work; a place to engage with the ultimate cultural barometer: storytelling. I am the Founder of Teylu; a conversation format and network using the power of peer-to-peer small groups to cultivate community and pursue a common purpose. I am Senior Advisor to Blueprint for Better Business, helping corporates and institutions prosper whilst better serving society. I sit on the Investment Committee for Resonance’s pioneering, social impact real estate funds. We have raised and invested £200M to house vulnerable people and families, winning awards across the mainstream and sustainable finance arenas. Prior to Shoremount, I was in real estate and corporate finance. I hold an MA from CASS Business School and a BA (Hons) from Nottingham University.

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