Episode 97, Arlene Mendoza.

Re-imagining life and Sr Innovation Program Manager @ Alluma.

I was moved during this conversation with Arlene.  She epitomises humanity and oozes a desire to leave the planet and people in a better place than which she found them. We discuss human-centered design, innovation, her sabbatical, #HumansFirst, community, awareness and so much more. 

Some of the key highlights for me include: 

– “I’ve seen how the business idea, developed in isolation, iterated, but not always with the information of the user with that information of the user coming late in the game. I love the human-centred philosophy which flips that” 

– 05.55 – “Start by listening to those that will be impacted. Understand that piece first without your assumptions and biases” 

– 07.25 – “why create in isolation, why not create by having input and feedback from the people that are going to actually experience whatever that output is” 

–  12.30 “I love approaching problems from this consideration of all of the others. I think that human-centred design accounts for that other piece” – 14.10 

– “What inspires me is not just the human-centred design approach, but the intersection of public policy, legislation and date” 

– 14.25 – “The unknown felt really uncomfortable because it was so ambiguous” – 21.55 

Arlene can be contacted via the following means: 

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/arlenemendoza/

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