Episode 96 – Jeff Ikler & Kirsten Richert.

Jeff Ikler of Quetico Leadership Coaching & Consulting and Kirsten Richert of Richert Innovation Consulting.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first 3-way conversation on this platform and it really added some extra value.

We discuss education, innovation, leadership, culture, language, purpose and so much more.  Please find some of the key highlights as follows:

– “One of the central, underlying themes of our book is the balance between smart and healthy. Smart is what we typically have a lot of training in. Yet much of our enjoyment, success and ability to pull off those things on the smart side, are really on the healthy side” – 06.45

– “What if you focussed 95% of your time on the people that you are leading and only 5% on the work itself, what would that look like”- 08.40

– “We work with leaders on the idea of having staff take greater ownership, that leaders don’t have to decide everything. Leading is me helping to develop you as a thinker and a future leader” – 12.50

– “If the leader jumps in too soon. If we hear from the leader too quickly around the table, people are going to pull back and say ‘why do I need to counter Jim, this is how he feels.’ – 17.50

– “If you want to stop a lot of people from emotional attachment to an organisation, talk about double digit growth. Over time her message changed to ‘we do well by doing good’” – 24.00

– “It’s a mistaken belief that as a leader you have to make decision” – 27.20

–  “It’s not just about smarts, its also about healthy. You really need both in order make productive change happen” – 38.50


Jeff Ikler has worked in education in the broadest sense his whole life – first as a high school history teacher, then as an editor, marketer and executive in the educational publishing industry for more than 35 years and finally as Director of Quetico Coaching where he focuses on leadership development and career shifts.

Kirsten Richert describes herself as an innovation catalyst—she acts as a key to bring out the innate talent, passion, and wisdom of a team so they can make their desired transformation. She is the CEO of Richert Innovation Consulting, a firm that brings together strategy, innovation, and facilitation to help leaders spark change.

Jeff and Kirsten enjoy collaborating together on projects. In addition to leading consulting and innovation work with educational organizations, they produce a weekly podcast on change management called Getting Unstuck and have co-authored a book being published by Corwin Press that will be released in March 2020 called Shifting: How School Leaders Can Create a Culture of Change.

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