Episode 99 – John Featherby.

Founder of Shoremount and a founding B Corp. I really enjoyed this conversation with John Featherby who is a founding UK B Corp and speaks so eloquently and with such clarity about the opportunity that ay in front of us to become more humane, people-centric orgs that serve people, planet and profit. Some of the … Continue reading Episode 99 – John Featherby.

Episode 98 – Renee Smith.

Founder and CEO of A Human Workplace I really enjoyed this conversation with Renee Smith who opens our conversation with one of the most vulnerable personal stories of vulnerability shared on this podcast so far.  Renee really does role-model the change she wants to see in the world, bringing the importance of love to the … Continue reading Episode 98 – Renee Smith.

Awakening to Life’s Purpose.

Getting Unstuck - Educators Leading Change https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/70-awakening-to-lifes-purpose/id1439952788?i=1000465237068 Many of us have experienced that nagging feeling that “There has to more to life than this.” But, what do we do about it? Some of us do nothing other than listen to our inner critic about our shortcomings. Garry Turner took a different approach. He decided that … Continue reading Awakening to Life’s Purpose.

Episode 97, Arlene Mendoza.

Re-imagining life and Sr Innovation Program Manager @ Alluma. I was moved during this conversation with Arlene.  She epitomises humanity and oozes a desire to leave the planet and people in a better place than which she found them. We discuss human-centered design, innovation, her sabbatical, #HumansFirst, community, awareness and so much more.  Some of … Continue reading Episode 97, Arlene Mendoza.

Episode 96 – Jeff Ikler & Kirsten Richert.

Jeff Ikler of Quetico Leadership Coaching & Consulting and Kirsten Richert of Richert Innovation Consulting. I thoroughly enjoyed my first 3-way conversation on this platform and it really added some extra value. We discuss education, innovation, leadership, culture, language, purpose and so much more.  Please find some of the key highlights as follows: - “One … Continue reading Episode 96 – Jeff Ikler & Kirsten Richert.

Episode 95 – Toby Mildon.

Founder of Mildon, D&I expert, & author of Inclusive Growth. I absolutely loved this conversation with Inclusion Architect and export Toby Mildon. In what was a hopeful, constructive and forward-looking conversation, we touched on inclusion, belonging, awareness, culture, leadership and so much more. Some key insights included: - “Diversity includes everybody. We need to make … Continue reading Episode 95 – Toby Mildon.