Episode 91 – Sara Nanayakkara.

Founder of Nth Level Consulting limited & Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator.

This is one of my favourite conversations EVER!  Sara is a certified #DaretoLead facilitator having trained with Brene Brown after passing a rigorous application process.

We discuss in detail vulnerability, shame, empathy, leadership, privilege, courage, risk and so much more.

Some example insights shared by Sara include:

– “It was a massive risk because the training dates are set for the year. There was huge risk if I got it, there was huge risk financially” – 05.10

– “Why is it important? When there is no courage in an organisation, when courage is absent, we’re able to identify classic behaviours that show up like back-channelling, like not giving feedback, like not having difficult conversations, lack of creativity, lack of innovation, lack of risk” – 08.20

“We can’t be courageous, we can’t be brave, without vulnerability. Why should we do it? The risks of not doing it are far, far too great” – 08.25

“I didn’t realise the extent to which it would change myself in doing the work” 17.25

– “When we get ahead of ourselves, we need to have a call that says ‘heal,’ to bring yourself back to who you are, to who you really are” 23.00

“I’ve had a 180-degree shift in who I thought I was and who I am now in terms of my ethnicity, my presence, my identity. You cannot out a price on that” – 30.50

Sara can be contacted via the following means:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarananayakkara/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/nthlevel

Website – http://www.nthlevelconsulting.com/


Sara has 26 years’ experience of design, facilitation, coaching and consultancy in the private and public sector on a global scale. Her approach makes genuine connections with delegates. Her facilitation style is grounded, energetic and engaging. Her coaching style is challenging and supportive; she develops rapport and trust quickly; skilfully using powerful questions to unlock her clients. Her consultancy is insightful, and her success is hugely due to her ability to connect with clients quickly.

Sara has worked in 52 countries, delivering coaching and facilitating from board level to front line staff. She has designed and delivered various programmes in Leadership Development, Performance Management, Change Management, Team days, Personal Effectiveness Programmes. She is responsible for instigating culture change within organisations; she conducted a “Cultural Audit” of HM Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) which gained media interest in 2008. Other public sector clients include; Department of Work and Pensions, Business Innovation and Skills, Cabinet Office, 10 Downing Street, HM Revenue and Customs, Department For International Development, Ministry Of Justice, and Ministry Of Defence, Natural England, The Environment Agency, RNIB, and Royal Mail.

She is a highly accomplished coach, working with FTSE 100 leaders. She was one of the first Dare to LeadÔ Facilitators to be trained personally by Brené Brown.

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