Episode 93 – David Marquet.

International speaker & author of ‘Leadership is Language’.

I absolutely loved this conversation with David who is the first person to come back onto the Value through Vulnerability for a 2nd time.

Please fond as follows some of the rich insights and their timings in the podcast:

– “The realisation I had was all of my leadership training was about telling people what to do; telling them nicely, telling them precisely, telling them so they thought it was there idea, but fundamentally about telling people what to do” – 02.45

– “First of all, I had to get away from this idea that I was controlling other peoples behaviour. We live in a world where we think that the way to have success in your job, is to get other people to do stuff” – 05.20

“I think there is a real limitation here which is they are only going to be as good as you, they are only going to be as proactive as you, and they’re not going to give that discretionary effort” – 05.40

– “just imagine if you needed to spend zero time managing people. You need to coordinate people, their efforts should to be coordinated, but what if you didn’t have to manage any of them, they just managed themselves.” – 07.05

– “It’s good people, trying to do the right thing, but with the wrong playbook of the industrial, playbook” – 19.10

David can be contacted via the followings means:


Student of leadership and organizational design, former nuclear submarine commander,

Author of Amazon #1 Best Seller: Turn the Ship Around!, Leadership is Language,

and The Turn the Ship Around! Workbook, and one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100

Leadership Speakers.

David Marquet imagines a workplace where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity, a place where people are healthier and happier because they have more control over their work–a place where everyone is a leader.

A 1981 U.S. Naval Academy graduate, Captain Marquet served in the U.S. submarine force for 28 years. After being assigned to command the nuclear powered submarine USS Santa Fe–then ranked last in retention and operational standing–he realized the traditional leadership approach of “take control, give orders,” wouldn’t work.  He “turned the ship around” by treating the crew as leaders, not followers, and giving control, not taking control. This approach took the Santa Fe from “worst to first,” achieving the highest retention and operational standings in the navy.

After Captain Marquet’s departure, the Santa Fe continued to win awards and promoted a disproportionate number of officers and enlisted men to leadership positions, including ten subsequent submarine captains. Stephen R. Covey said it was the most empowering organization he’d ever seen and wrote about Captain Marquet’s leadership practices in his book, The 8th Habit.

Captain Marquet is the author of Turn the Ship Around! A True Story of Turning Followers Into Leaders. Fortune magazine named it the #1 must-read business book of the year, and USA Today listed it as one of the top 12 business books of all time. He is also the author of The Turn the Ship Around Workbook, which is a companion workbook for implementing Intent-Based Leadership.

In 2020 PenguinRandomHouse will publish David’s next big idea book: Leadership is Language. This is a re-engineering of the language we use at work and a new playbook for leaders.

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