Episode 90 – Aga Bajer.

Founder of Aga Bajer & Associates, author, podcast host of The Culture Lab and keynote speaker

This was an incredible conversation that I was privileged to be part of as Aga and OI went deep into culture, leadership, courage, change, experimentation, personal agency, accountability and so much more.

Some quotes from this brilliant conversation to pique your interest include:

– “we are wired for choice and polarities”

– “it is impossible to make a huge change and a major overhaul of these systems and world views.  The only thing you can do is introduce a tiny change and see how that system reacts to that”

– “What is the smallest possible change that I could make to maintain the biggest part of the algorithm, change a small part, but at the same time have a huge impact”

– “I think that we have way more power in our hands than we want to believe”

– “The people that I consider to be cultural revolutionaries, one of the characteristics is that they lead from the heart and purpose rather than the ego”

– “Culture is not just global, culture is very much local”

Aga can be found via the following means:

Website – https://www.agabajer.com/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/agabajer/


Aga works with leaders and teams around the globe to help them bring their vision to life. She is the co-author of “Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture” – a complete guide on how to embed continuous learning in organisations’ DNA. She is also the host of one of the most popular podcasts on culture, the CultureLab. The question at the core of her work is: “How can we harness the power of culture to create a world where people love showing up at work?”

Aga blends experience as:  • a leader, in companies big and small • an experienced consultant • an executive and team coach • a researcher and an author • a podcast host and a blogger • an entrepreneur with her unstoppable and insatiable curiosity about what works and what doesn’t work in organisational and social change. Her approach is science and evidence based. 

She makes the complex issue of culture, change and team dynamics as simple (but not simpler) as possible, uncovering all the crucial and fundamental forces at play, so that you can take the right actions to bring about the change you seek. Aga has worked with senior leadership of many major organisations, including the Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Citibank, Toyota, Porsche, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Leo Pharma, Hellenic Bank, Eurolife, Bank of Cyprus, Eurobank, Wargaming, Sanofi, Amdocs, SAP, MSX, Heineken, the European Patent Ofce and many, many others.

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