Talent Talk.

In this week's edition of TalentTalk Radio, Chris Dyer interviews British guest, Garry Turner. Garry is a man of many trades, including:  International sales & product management professional, Keynote & DisruptHR speaker, and Interpersonal Catalyst.  One gem of a quote that we heard on this episode was, "Being able to have courage and ask for help is … Continue reading Talent Talk.

Episode 94 – Laura Storm.

Founder of Regenerators, TEDx speaker & co-author of Regenerative Leadership. I am so humbled and grateful to Laura for sharing such depth of wisdom and such hope in a challenging time.  This is a direct talking, insight-sharing and optimistic conversation, but please engage with an open heart and mind.   I am also grateful to … Continue reading Episode 94 – Laura Storm.

Episode 93 – David Marquet.

International speaker & author of 'Leadership is Language'. I absolutely loved this conversation with David who is the first person to come back onto the Value through Vulnerability for a 2nd time. Please fond as follows some of the rich insights and their timings in the podcast: - “The realisation I had was all of … Continue reading Episode 93 – David Marquet.

Episode 92- Brooke Erol.

Founder of Purposeful Business, co-author of From Hierarchy to High Performance and author of Create A Life You Love. This was a beautiful conversation with my friend and peer Brooke who has dedicated the past decades to her drive to bring more purpose to the world of work. The upcoming #HumansFirst event in San Diego … Continue reading Episode 92- Brooke Erol.

Episode 91 – Sara Nanayakkara.

Founder of Nth Level Consulting limited & Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. This is one of my favourite conversations EVER!  Sara is a certified #DaretoLead facilitator having trained with Brene Brown after passing a rigorous application process. We discuss in detail vulnerability, shame, empathy, leadership, privilege, courage, risk and so much more. Some example insights … Continue reading Episode 91 – Sara Nanayakkara.

Episode 90 – Aga Bajer.

Founder of Aga Bajer & Associates, author, podcast host of The Culture Lab and keynote speaker This was an incredible conversation that I was privileged to be part of as Aga and OI went deep into culture, leadership, courage, change, experimentation, personal agency, accountability and so much more. Some quotes from this brilliant conversation to … Continue reading Episode 90 – Aga Bajer.

Episode 89 – Magdalena Bak-Maier.

Founder of MTC, Grid Inventor, Author and Productivity Expert This was a wonderful conversation with any superb human who blends science and spirituality so beautifully. Topics meandered through include vulnerability, self-awareness, neuroscience, connection, fear, story-telling and so much more. Some example insights discuss during this conversation include: - "heart to heart connection in real genuine … Continue reading Episode 89 – Magdalena Bak-Maier.

Episode 88 – Dr Tasha Eurich.

New York Times Best-Selling Author | Organizational Psychologist | Executive Coach | Keynote Speaker. What an incredible start to 2020 this is. I was so grateful and inspired to be in conversation with New York Times best-selling author and wonderful human Dr Tasha Eurich as we discussed in-depth, self-awareness, vulnerability, leadership, emotion, feedback, experimentation and … Continue reading Episode 88 – Dr Tasha Eurich.