Have Courage Summit Podcast – Heather Hanson-Wickman

27th December 2019

Heather Hanson-Wickman kindly joined me as part of the Have Courage summit previously with 3 of the key insights that I took away from our conversation being:

– Practice vulnerability

– Remove more of your work masks

– Self-compassion & vulnerability

Heather can be contacted via the following means:

Website – https://www.untetheredconsulting.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/untetheredco

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/heatherwickmanphd/


I live to power the evolution of organisations, one leader at a time.  Unfortunately, pervasive suffering is present in most traditional organisations at statistically alarming rates. This causes incredible financial costs as well as immense hardship for both individuals and our collective wellbeing.

My passion revolves around the cure. Evolved Leadership. I’ve worked with many of the most prominent healthcare organisations to help leaders evolve from the outdated management paradigm and move ahead of the competition by upgrading organisational beliefs, practices, and culture. It’s time to replace fear with love.

Heather has a bachelor’s in human resource development, a master’s in human resources and industrial relations, and a PhD in organisational systems. She has an unending passion for supporting leaders as they transition to conscious, flexible, adaptable, and innovative ways of work. She has witnessed profound transformation in organisational leaders across the C-Suite. Find out more at UntetheredConsulting.com.