Have Courage Summit Podcast – Debra Ruh

20th December 2019

Debra’s book Inclusion Branding is an amazing read and can be found here -> https://www.ruhglobal.com/inclusion-branding/

Debra Ruh kindly joined me as part of the Have Courage summit previously with 3 of the key insights that I took away from our conversation being:

– Look behind ones label/title

– Celebrating who we are

– Be a creator and not just consumer of content

Debra can be contacted via the following means:

Website – https://www.ruhglobal.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/debraruh

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/debraruh/


Ruh Global is a Strategic Consulting Firm that specializes in Disability Inclusion, Accessibility & the Aging Marketplace, ICT & Built Barriers Accessibility, Inclusive Design, Unconcious Bias, WomenInTech, SDGs, CRPD, ADA, Section 508, and Digital Inclusion.

Ruh Global is proud to work with governments to help implement the UN Convention of the Rights or People with Disabilities (UN #CRPD) and the UN SDGs.

We help multi-national corporations navigate the intersection between ADA, CRPD, SDGs, and National Laws like Section 503, 504 and 508.

We provide strategic leadership to organizations all over the world supporting Global Disability Inclusion and ICT Accessibility.

Our Solutions include:

• Disability Inclusion and Accessibility Strategies

• Disability People Organization (DPO) Strategies and Training

• Implementation and Program Development

• Outreach and Marketing Communications

• Research and Focus Groups

• Policy Development and Standards Initiatives

• Social Media and Digital Media Strategies

• Stakeholder Strategies and Training

• SDGs, Impact Investing, and Digital Inclusion