Episode 79 – Olga Piehler.

Director, Programme Manager and Founder of MyWy.

I absolutely loved this conversation with Olga who blends a wonderful mix of deep experience in neuroscience and a deep passion for developing love-based cultures.

Olga offers a wonderful description of vulnerability, we go deep into emotion, fear, self-awareness, mindset, loyalty, purpose and just so much more.  I learned so much from Olga during this discussion and I am confident you will also.

Olga can be contacted via the following means:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/olga-piehler-86241057/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/mywyio

Web – https://www.mywy.io/


I LOVE people. I believe we are walking miracles and as such we all possess our own special gifts. I also believe that it is our responsibility, to share those gifts with the world. That is how we repay to the universe the investment it made in our creation. It’s the Law of Economics at its core as Napoleon Hill stresses in his book Think and Grow Rich written in 1937 – “you don’t get something for nothing.”

I believe that an organization is a group of people that come together bringing their unique gifts to solve a job to be done with the world. Only when everyone in the organization can bring his/her unique gifts to the table in a wholeheartedly way, while allowing others to do the same, will that organization solve that job to be done as a synchronized symphony – creating its own unique melody for others to receive. Because the universe provides us with the perfect vessels that carry those unique gifts, we owe it, to create this melody as MUCH as possible and share it with as MANY others as we can in the BEST way we know possible. That is our responsibility as an organization and since we cannot get something for nothing, if we do NOT comply, the universe will come back to collect in the form of dissatisfied customers, poor service reviews, profit losses, inability to remain competitive, poor employee morale and eventually the end of its relevance and existence.

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