Awakening to Purpose.

Meaning and Connection with Garry Turner.

Garry Turner is this week’s guest on the Higher Purpose Podcast. He is the host of the Value Through Vulnerability podcast and was a guest on Episode 90 of this show. Kevin describes him as a great connector of people. They discuss his awakening, how his life is different post-awakening and the joy of connecting.

Waking Up

Garry recently delivered a keynote address at the Ignite Conference in Switzerland. His topic was Waking Up to Purpose, Meaning, and Connection. Kevin asks why he used the term waking up. He replies that five years ago he had already achieved everything society said was important, but he had a hollow feeling in his heart. That was the start of his awakening. He realized that he was sleepwalking through life: he was only focusing on the outside and neglecting his inner self. He describes his awakening as a gradual process that included taking deliberate action but then experiencing burnout. It was his coach that led him to realize that the outside world didn’t cause his burnout, but that he did it to himself by believing that he was not good enough.

Life Post Awakening

When he accepted that he was the cause of his own burnout, Garry felt a release and freedom from feeling like a victim. He now believes that he is good enough. He does not attach his identity to making money or outside validation. He can now appreciate insights that did not mean much before. I just feel more vibrant, he says. He has more capacity and is more productive because he does not waste so much energy thinking that he is not enough. Kevin comments that we expend so much energy in fantasy conversations that don’t take us any place good. He asks Garry to speak to listeners who may be feeling inadequate or hopeless. Garry assures listeners that they are enough and to actively connect with other people. If you need a listening ear, he invites you to reach out to him or Kevin personally.

The Joy of Connecting

You feel a sense of belonging when you’re part of a community where you can connect with others and just be yourself. We’re all innately connected because we’re part of the human race, Garry says. If you think you don’t belong, you’re overthinking your way away from belonging. Kevin agrees with that assessment. He asks Garry whether his awakening prompted him to be a great connector, or if he has always been that way. Garry responds that he’s always been good at developing meaningful relationships, but his awakening made this ability more pronounced. For him, connecting people is more a flow state than an active energy. It’s very intuitive, he says. For Kevin, it’s a deep calling and almost like a duty. He says that it’s like he is responding to an invitation to do something and who knows the impact it might have! Everything opens up when you’re connected, Garry says. He experiences a transformation in his ability to be present and empathetic, to serve, and to love himself as part of the bigger system. His life is richer for just being open to all life has to offer.