Episode 82, Steve Keith.

Founder & Chief Behavioural Officer of The Branding Man Today was another wonderfully engaging, varied and inspiring conversation, this time with Steve Keith, founder of The Branding Man. We discussed inclusion, culture, vulnerability and young people at depth, whilst also meandering into mental health, listening, curiosity and so much more. Steve can be contacted via … Continue reading Episode 82, Steve Keith.

Episode 81 – John Stamler.

Techstars multiple mentor, marathon runner & believer in human ingenuity. I absolutely LOVED this conversation with John who has such a diverse background in distressed debt and finance, but now mentors tens of new startups. We cover a range of topics, directly and indirectly, including leadership, innovation, mindset, community, mission, inclusion, diversity, awareness, mentoring and … Continue reading Episode 81 – John Stamler.

Episode 80, Joey Price.

Founder & CEO of JumpstartHR & Business, Life & Coffee podcast host. I really loved this conversation with Joey who is one of the most matter of fact, inspiring and congruent people I know in the HR leadership space. We discuss current and future challenges & opportunities of HR leveraging their unique position, whilst meandering … Continue reading Episode 80, Joey Price.

Awakening to Purpose.

Meaning and Connection with Garry Turner. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/higher-purpose-podcast/id1268942500 Garry Turner is this week’s guest on the Higher Purpose Podcast. He is the host of the Value Through Vulnerability podcast and was a guest on Episode 90 of this show. Kevin describes him as a great connector of people. They discuss his awakening, how his life is … Continue reading Awakening to Purpose.

Episode 79 – Olga Piehler.

Director, Programme Manager and Founder of MyWy. I absolutely loved this conversation with Olga who blends a wonderful mix of deep experience in neuroscience and a deep passion for developing love-based cultures. Olga offers a wonderful description of vulnerability, we go deep into emotion, fear, self-awareness, mindset, loyalty, purpose and just so much more.  I … Continue reading Episode 79 – Olga Piehler.