Episode 78 – Nuria Rojo.

Organization Transformation Champion I really enjoyed learning about Nuria's unique gifts of blending her engineering expertise and a deep passion around rehumanising work. Nuria covered so much ground in a super accessible way including hitting all the key elements of this podcast such as vulnerability, leadership, mindset, inclusion, courage, and awareness whilst speaking to leadership, … Continue reading Episode 78 – Nuria Rojo.

Episode 77 – Christine Locher.

Author, Coach and Leadership Consultant. I really enjoyed going deep into a conversation around values with Christine today. Christine truly has a wonderful grace and presence and was an absolute joy to talk to.  We had a diverse conversation touching on core values, leadership, culture, self-talk, being good enough and she offered some great ideas … Continue reading Episode 77 – Christine Locher.

Episode 76 – Neil Mullarkey.

Founder of The Comedy Store Players, Author & Communications Expert. I was grateful and inspired to spend 40 minutes with Neil Mullarkey during this podcast. I have watched Neil in action in the past, however back then 5-6 years ago, I was not myself 'awake' to the importance of our deepest, innate humanity.  Neil uses … Continue reading Episode 76 – Neil Mullarkey.

Awakening | Garry Turner

The Overcoming Odds Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/awakening-garry-turner/id1292465138?i=1000453973008 This week's conversation features Garry Turner, a game-changing thinker who develops strategies as to how to bring that thinking to life and implementation of the resulting solution. This has been evidenced throughout my career and more recently by leading, with support, human-centered projects such an in-house L&D project 'by the … Continue reading Awakening | Garry Turner

Episode 75 – Oleg Lougheed.

2 x podcaster & Founder of Overcoming Odds I just loved this conversation with Oleg who has dealt with his own range of challenges as he grew up to become the motivator and agent for positive change that he now is via his work and live events. We had a wonderfully rich and deep conversation … Continue reading Episode 75 – Oleg Lougheed.