Episode 70 – Lee Lam.

Blindspot Consultant, Adviser & Speaker – Lee Lam Associates

I really enjoyed speaking with Lee who has a varied and interesting background with a fascinating toolkit to help serve clients out of their own way by uncovering their blind spots. I loved the range of topics that Lee and I covered including vulnerability, leadership, self-awareness, inclusion, energy, fear, startups and so much more. 

Lee’s FREE Blindspot check can be found here -> https://www.leelam.co.uk/blindspothealthcheck 

Lee can be contacted via the following means:   

Website –  https://www.leelam.co.uk/

LinkedIn –  https://www.linkedin.com/in/leelam/   

Twitter – https://twitter.com/leelamconsult  

Bio: I UNCOVER YOUR STARTUP’S OPERATIONAL AND STRATEGIC BLINDSPOTS. I’m a business consultant with over 14 years of coaching know-how and over 23 years of corporate knowledge, particularly in financial services. I deliberately look for those areas that could be stifling or stopping your ability to perform to your potential. And you may not even realise they are there – until it is too late. These are your blindspots. I work with all sizes of business, from startups up to large organisations. I also take on a limited amount of individual clients for one to one work. 

Please find my Interpersonal Catalyst brochure here in case I can support you at all -> https://my.visme.co/projects/rxyz4jpo-garry-turner-interpersonal-catalyst

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