Episode 74 – Eleanor Snare.

Business Witch I really enjoyed this deeply insightful and diverse conversation with Eleanor Snare who has the wonderfully affectionate title of Business Witch who focuses on Getting Artists and Writers Organised with mindset coaching, operations advice + marketing expertise. Eleanor's insight, however, crosses every profession and every human being for me.  She shares what vulnerability … Continue reading Episode 74 – Eleanor Snare.

Episode 73 – Gethin Nadin.

Director of Employee Wellbeing at Benefex This was a wonderful conversation with Gethin, the 2nd time he has joined the podcast after being part of the #selfcareweek 10 x 15 mins podcast series back in Nov 2018 - a summary an be found here ->  https://my.visme.co/projects/9079jz0k-self-care-week-2018-10-x-15-mins-podcasts    Gethin and I had a great discussion around leadership, … Continue reading Episode 73 – Gethin Nadin.

Episode 72 – Mary Freer.

Director of Freerthinking, Changemaker & leader of the Compassion Revolution. I absolutely loved this conversation with freelance social change maker Mary Freer. We discussed at depth vulnerability, courage, awareness, compassion, leadership and lots more. Her live event, Compassion Revolution Conference, takes place across 10th and 11th Sept 2019 - You can still gets tickets here … Continue reading Episode 72 – Mary Freer.

Episode 71 – Renata Porter.

Leadership Coach I really enjoyed this conversation with leadership consultant and middle manager advocate Renata Porter. I had the pleasure of meeting Renata via the #HumansFirst movement a few months ago and since then have really enjoyed her open, direct and thoughtful contributions to improving leadership impact. During this conversation we go deep into leadership, … Continue reading Episode 71 – Renata Porter.

Episode 70 – Lee Lam.

Blindspot Consultant, Adviser & Speaker - Lee Lam Associates I really enjoyed speaking with Lee who has a varied and interesting background with a fascinating toolkit to help serve clients out of their own way by uncovering their blind spots. I loved the range of topics that Lee and I covered including vulnerability, leadership, self-awareness, … Continue reading Episode 70 – Lee Lam.