Episode 65 – Katrina Collier,

Author of ‘The Robot-Proof Recruiter’ and founder of The Searchologist & 5 DisruptHR UK events.

I absolutely loved this deeply inspiring conversation with Katrina Collier.

We went deep on vulnerability, courage, recruitment, volunteering, HR, talent and so much more including Katrina bravely sharing her personal journey and the influence that has had on her drive and passion for inclusion, voice and community.


Katrina Collier shows companies how to solve the problem of candidate engagement; HR, talent acquisition and hiring leaders don’t have an issue finding people, they have an issue evoking a response and keeping people in the recruitment process. She is the author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter and uses her extensive industry experience to deliver keynotes and facilitate offsites globally, which inspire all those involved in the recruitment lifecycle to use a human-first mindset.

She is also the founder of 5 DisruptHR UK events, an Ambassador for Hope for Justice, and co-host of The #SocialRecruiting Show podcast. You’ll find her championing the #BeHuman cause on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @KatrinaMCollier.

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