Episode 61 – Tanya Obeng.

The Communications Doctor.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Tanya as we meandered through mental health, leadership, spirituality, vulnerability, listening, mind and so much more.

I was particularly inspired to understand communication through a new lens; the lens of speaking our truth.  

Tanya offers two deeply impactful courses which she shares with us during this conversation and I cannot recommend connecting with Tanya enough so which not reach out to her via any of the following means:

Web –  https://www.communicationdoctor.co.uk/ 

LinkedIn –  https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanya-obeng27/ 

Facebook –  https://twitter.com/lifted_gifted 

Twitter –  https://twitter.com/lifted_gifted 


After ten years working in mainstream education, I experienced a full-scale burnout. Looking back now, it’s clear that I was showing signs for a long time before I actually gave myself a break. I realised that I needed to be more in control of my time, and also, more importantly, that I wanted to actively help teachers to find an alternative, more positive, way of working. This lead me to set up my own company: Lifted and Gifted Education.

The first step on my journey, alongside healing myself, was to learn as much as I could about human behaviour and communication. I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness, Body Language, and Personality Types, all of which helped me to form a clearer understanding of how our communication styles and behaviours can lead us into dark and difficult places, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Absenteeism
  • Burnout

My learning informed the creation of two bespoke programmes for CEOs and senior leadership teams in schools and creative businesses. Both programmes are designed to dramatically improve workplace communication by exploring the cause and effect of absenteeism, anxiety and burnout. My main focus is to empower leaders to find fresh, positive approaches to their role, thus enhancing efficiency, creativity, and job satisfaction.

Please find my Interpersonal Catalyst brochure here in case I can support you at all -> https://my.visme.co/projects/rxyz4jpo-garry-turner-interpersonal-catalyst

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