Episode 65 – Katrina Collier,

Author of 'The Robot-Proof Recruiter' and founder of The Searchologist & 5 DisruptHR UK events. I absolutely loved this deeply inspiring conversation with Katrina Collier. We went deep on vulnerability, courage, recruitment, volunteering, HR, talent and so much more including Katrina bravely sharing her personal journey and the influence that has had on her drive … Continue reading Episode 65 – Katrina Collier,

Episode 64 – Chris Lovett.

Performance Coach & Minimalist. I loved this conversation with Chris about a topic that I have spent little time understanding; Minimalism. Chris offers some wonderful insight and actionable steps to help us reduce our clutter and free our mind.  We touch on mindset, courage, awareness, values, work and so much more. Chris's article that I … Continue reading Episode 64 – Chris Lovett.

Episode 63 with Michael Gelb.

Keynote speaker & author of 16 books and co-author of the upcoming book, The Healing Organization. I am so inspired to share this recent conversation with the awesome Michael Gelb who is not only served the world with his thought-provoking work covering a span of 16 books, with a 17th to come, heavily based in … Continue reading Episode 63 with Michael Gelb.

Episode 62 – Mike Jones.

Founder of Leadership by Inspiration. I really enjoyed my conversation with Mike Jones, founder of Leadership by Inspiration who is on a mission to enable senior leaders to create a culture where their employees and teams can thrive. Mike has a fascinating background spanning time in the forces, working with the English Rugby Union and is … Continue reading Episode 62 – Mike Jones.

Episode 61 – Tanya Obeng.

The Communications Doctor. I really enjoyed this conversation with Tanya as we meandered through mental health, leadership, spirituality, vulnerability, listening, mind and so much more. I was particularly inspired to understand communication through a new lens; the lens of speaking our truth.   Tanya offers two deeply impactful courses which she shares with us during … Continue reading Episode 61 – Tanya Obeng.